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14 May, 2019

Planning a visit?

We're expecting you!

We'd love you to visit us for a weekend service.

We have two locations and two service options available.

We aim to create an environment where people can experience the love of God. When you come you’ll realise that we love Jesus and people. We're a judgment-free zone.

Come as you are, meet us, have a coffee and explore for yourself. We hope you'll find a home, discover who you were made to be, and feel empowered to make a difference in our community.

We’ve created this page to help answer any common questions you may have before your visit.

We hope to see you soon!



 10:30am to11:30am - Intergenerational Service

Cuppa after service in the Church Hall


 Sundays 9:00 am to10:00 am

Cuppa after the Service in the Church Hall


P.O. Box 115, Tanunda, S.A. 5352


The Christian Community Hub

83 Murray Street Tanunda SA 5352

Phone 8563 3748 Email:

We're people loved by God who gather to worship at Bethany and Tabor churches.
We're committed to “Living for Jesus, Growing in Jesus, Sharing Jesus with others.”
We value God’s gracious love for all people and aim to demonstrate this love in our lives.
We welcome everyone to join us at worship and invite participation in all aspects of the worship.

More From 'About Us'

Bethany New Lutheran Cemetery

The Bethany New Lutheran Cemetery is located at 146 Basedow Road, Tanunda.

The Curator Peter Sonntag, can be contacted at 0412 069 406.

In 1842, Bethanien (Bethany) was the first village to be established in Neuschlesien (New Silesia - the Barossa Valley) by a group of German Lutheran migrants many of whom had arrived with Pastor Gotthard Daniel Fritzsche on the Skjold in 1841. First services were held in the open or under a tree, then in the School Room built in c1843.

We have over 370 graves in our new Bethany Lutheran Church cemetery surrounded by vineyards, pine and carob trees. The Cemetery boundaries run North South extending towards the original Bethany Pioneer Cemetery at 197- 207 Bethany Road, Bethany.

The earliest grave is of Ernst Gottlieb Stiller of Vine Vale, aged 26 years and 3 months. He died on the 24.09.1894. There are 31 Children’s graves in total and are on the eastern side of the cemetery.

Both the Pioneer & New Lutheran Cemeteries offer a continuing study of ever-changing artistic styles of stonemasonry/monuments with both German and English inscriptions, personal details, symbols, and epitaphs as can be seen in the attached photos.

We now offer placement of ashes in the Cremation Niche.

Fees and charges for members and non-members may be obtained from the Curator, Peter Sonntag.


Bethany Pioneer Cemetery

The Bethany Pioneer Cemetery is located at 197- 207 Bethany Road, Bethany.

The Curator is Peter Sonntag & can be contacted on 0412 069 406

One of the oldest cemeteries in the district, the Bethany Pioneer Cemetery reflects the sad heritage of our pioneering families and their hardships, especially the loss of over 132 children. Records of births, marriages and deaths began at Bethany on 15th July 1847, and records prior to this are to be found in the Lutheran Church Register at Lobethal. (Births and Deaths only.) The most recent burial was on 27th September 1942.

The Pioneer Cemetery records of cemetery “plots” began in 1862. Last updated in the 175th Anniversary year 2017. More rows, graves, and records have been located. There are still inconsistencies in the records to confirm the unmarked graves. 132 children have been recorded as buried on the eastern side of the Bethany Pioneer Cemetery.


Tabor Cemetery

Tabor Cemetery Curator is

Dianne Semmler

Phone: 0429 030 657