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Gospel Fluency Workshop

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Do you ever feel awkward, ill-equipped, unqualified, or unprepared to share the gospel? Do you know someone curious about the gospel, Jesus, or the Christian faith, but you just aren’t sure of the next steps? Do you wish you could more freely share the gospel in a natural way with your friends, family, workmates, or neighbours?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, a Gospel Fluency Workshop might be a great blessing for you and your congregation!

Offered by LCANZ Local Mission, the Gospel Fluency workshops are designed to give you a vocabulary, context and some actual practice in sharing the good news in words and actions with those around you.

Have you ever learned to speak a second language (or third or fourth)? There’s no easy way to become fluent in a new language. It takes practice and immersion in speaking, hearing and reading.

The Workshop includes several helpful, practical tools to help you grow in gospel fluency:

- time for prayer and an introduction to the importance of prayer in sharing the gospel

- biblical explorations equipping to be confident in God’s mission and call

- a practical way to map your relationships for the sake of the gospel

- an introduction to the critical importance of listening in gospel-sharing

- the chance to grow in gospel fluency through practice and reflection on your situations

- an introduction to practical next steps for people who are curious about Jesus or the gospel

- many helpful resources for further training or study.


7th July 2024 Bethany Sermon

7 July, 2024


The true king

by Pauline Simonsen

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King Herod heard about this, for Jesus’ name had become well known … he said, ‘John, whom I beheaded, has been raised from the dead!’ (Mark 6:14a,16b).

Read Mark 6:14–29

King Jesus has come, bringing his kingdom of healing and peace. Of shalom! In Mark 5, we watch as the king speaks his powerful words and frees a man from a hell of demon possession and a woman from a hell of physical infirmity and social exclusion. He raises a child from death. Then, King Jesus sends his disciple ambassadors to the common people to spread the shalom. These ambassadors are penniless and homeless but carry the king’s word of authority and power that brings life. People are healed and released into this kingdom of Shalom!

And then we see King Herod.

What contrasting kings!

What contrasting kingdoms!

The evil King Herod brings only death. His kingdom is one of greed, lust and selfish corruption. His ambassadors are wined and dined in the palace and entertained with dancing girls. The evil king’s words are foolish, and his drunken oath leads to a man’s death – the same man who spoke words of truth to Herod that strangely stirred him. Still, Herod has him killed, his will in service to a dancing girl and a vengeful wife.

Even as Herod presents to the girl the ‘fruit’ of his actions – John the Baptist’s head on a platter – Jesus’ disciples in the next verses present to King Jesus the fruit of their actions: repentant people, healed people, freed people.

Two kings – one evil, one good.

Two kingdoms – one of death, one of life.

What a stark contrast the evangelist Mark makes in these chapters! He asks an urgent question: whose kingdom do you belong to? Who is your king?

Thank God, the true king has come to us and claimed us. He spoke his powerful word that calls us to repentance. He gave his life so we can have life. He joined us to himself in baptism. He empowered us with his Spirit. He feeds us with his living bread. And he gives us his rest (Mark 6:31).

Long live King Jesus!

Open our eyes, Lord Jesus, to you as our true king and to the work of your kingdom in us and through us. Take your rightful place as Lord of our lives, and make us bearers of your shalom to those around us. Amen.

Pauline Simonsen is the dean of Emmaus, a Christian training provider for adults in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Pauline is also a spiritual director and enjoys leading retreats or guest speaking for the wider Christian church. She is married to Roger, and they live with two much-loved cats in the beautiful Manawatu region of New Zealand.


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