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17 June, 2024

In July, there will be six camps for young people. One camp is for primary-school-aged children in Years 4–7. The five other camps will be for high-school-aged students (Years 7–12). The camps are as follows:

  • JC Life at Camp Kedron (Barmera) 8–11 July (Years 4–7)
  • Hills CLW (Christian Life Week) at Unity College (Murray Bridge) 8–12 July (Years 7–12)
  • Metro CLW at Port Hughes Accommodation Centre (Port Hughes) 8–12 July (Years 7–12)
  • Barossa CLW at Cornerstone College (Mount Barker) 8–12 July (Years 7–12)
  • Lower Murray/South East (LMSE) CLW at Tarooki Campsite (Robe) 15–19 July (Years 7–12)
  • Riverland CLW at Camp Kedron (Barmera) 15–19 July (Years 7–12)

A camp will also be held in August for uni students and friends (9–11 August) at Old Woodhouse Manor, Spring Gully Road, Piccadilly.

Registrations for camps will be opening soon. Please share this information with your congregation, youth group and any young people you know! The first-time camper fee is only $50, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the LLL. 

Please check out the Blueprint Ministries website for more information about the camps and to register for a particular camp.

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Gospel Fluency Workshop

Contact (08) 8267 7300 for more information or visit URL

Do you ever feel awkward, ill-equipped, unqualified, or unprepared to share the gospel? Do you know someone curious about the gospel, Jesus, or the Christian faith, but you just aren’t sure of the next steps? Do you wish you could more freely share the gospel in a natural way with your friends, family, workmates, or neighbours?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, a Gospel Fluency Workshop might be a great blessing for you and your congregation!

Offered by LCANZ Local Mission, the Gospel Fluency workshops are designed to give you a vocabulary, context and some actual practice in sharing the good news in words and actions with those around you.

Have you ever learned to speak a second language (or third or fourth)? There’s no easy way to become fluent in a new language. It takes practice and immersion in speaking, hearing and reading.

The Workshop includes several helpful, practical tools to help you grow in gospel fluency:

- time for prayer and an introduction to the importance of prayer in sharing the gospel

- biblical explorations equipping to be confident in God’s mission and call

- a practical way to map your relationships for the sake of the gospel

- an introduction to the critical importance of listening in gospel-sharing

- the chance to grow in gospel fluency through practice and reflection on your situations

- an introduction to practical next steps for people who are curious about Jesus or the gospel

- many helpful resources for further training or study.


LCA eNews July 2024

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Barossa Ark Course

BAROSSA ARK will be offering the 4-week course The ‘School of the Apostles’

The course will be led by Pastor Richard Ansoul and will commence on the 11th of August 2024.

Further information is available from Barossa Ark in person or by email barossaark