In the “Big Bash League” cricket match, between the Adelaide Strikers and the Melbourne Renegades on January the 22nd , Ben Laughlin and Jake Weatherald teamed up to take an amazing catch. One of the commentators said it might be the best catch ever taken. It had to be seen to be believed.

Have you been amazed lately?

Take a few moments to think about what has amazed you in this new year.

Have you noticed that children have a keen sense of wonder and amazement. They’re amazed at things adults find ordinary. Who’s right? Are beetles amazing or ordinary? Is running through a sprinkler on a hot day ordinary or amazing? Is sliding down a slippery slide amazing or ordinary? Logic says each of these has to be one or the other. But is logic always right and might it be true that the more logical we become the less amazed we are?

I wonder whether as adults we are more amazed by negatives than we are by positives. How many times do we hear ourselves say, “I’m amazed at how stupid that was, or how dumb they are, or how inconsiderate that person is?” Are we in danger of a one-eyed view of wonder?

How does having a decreasing sense of wonder and amazement affect our relationship with God?

Does our amazing God become ordinary? Could we become so used to God’s amazing love and grace that it becomes ’old hat’?

I pray that the Holy Spirit will open our eyes to see anew how amazing God is and how wonderful he has made us and this universe in which we live.

I pray that we’ll be freshly amazed by Jesus and all that he means to us.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will make us childlike or even ‘childish’, if you can think of that word in a positive sense, so we can be filled with the joy that comes from the wonder of this life we live in the presence of God’s favour and love.

God bless you with his amazing presence!